President’s Message


I am honored to represent our Portuguese Community as the President of the 2013-2014 Festa do Espirito Santo. The Festa is celebrated year after year and although the Festa Presidents change, one aspect always remains the same; we are united as one family by the grace of the Holy Spirit, and honor and admire Queen St. Isabel. We are very proud of our Portuguese Community and its profound devotion to the Holy Spirit, and like our Faith, it is inseparable from our heritage. With that being said, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the UPCDES Board of Directors, Fundraiser Chairpersons & Committees, all Community Volunteers, our Portuguese Organization and the Participants for your continued devotion to the Holy Spirit and your great contributions to the success of the Festa. We look forward to working with all of you and sharing in the experience of Festa 2013. I am humbled and excited for the fundraising events and I would like to enthusiastically thank all of you and especially the community, for your hard work and also recognize your dedication to the Holy Spirit and to Queen St. Isabel. The generosity of this community is unbelievable. Our ultimate aspiration is to expand the festival to other areas of Colorado and to achieve the goal that the U.P.C.D.E.S. was founded upon, "to preserve and advance our Portuguese traditions, culture, and heritage in Colorado Springs for future generations." It is our mission to encourage religious and civic activities, promote and support the welfare of our community, foster sociability, and develop a united spirit among our community. In closing I would like to state that I am extremely proud of the 20th year history that the Portuguese have in Colorado Springs and I am honored to play a small part in that, as the 2013 U.P.C.D.E.S. President. I believe that promoting our history and culture is the link between our ancestors and the future generations. I ask that you join us for our Festa celebration and instill in your children pride in their culture, heritage and traditions, whatever they may be! I am fortunate to have many of you as friends, I am blessed to have many of you as family, and I am proud to be among each of you in this unified Portuguese Community.

President Madalena (Lena) Morales
Vice President John Bettencourt
Treasurer Manuel Rodrigues
Secretary Christine (Chris) Verhoeven
Board Member Beatriz (Bea) Sousa
Board Member Olga Bell
Board Member Tony Lopes
Board Member Conceicao Rodrigues
Board Member Donald Aguilar